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Raven Games is a retail computer games / console company based on the outskirts of central London. We were established in 1988 starting from a simple bedroom business in Bromley Kent in the U.K selling products via mail order.


There were only a few companies around at that time in the U.K who sold the same imported products as us. The PC Engine from NEC, SNK's Neo Geo and the then brand new imported Japanese Sega Megadrive were the hottest new consoles around at that time!


Following successful advertising campaigns in monthly magazines such as Ace, The Games Machine and the weekly New Computer Express, Raven Games soon outgrew the small bedroom due to queues of customers at the front door most weekends! (Remember this was the days before the internet!)





After then first moving to offices in the same area, Raven Games soon outgrew the new offices and moved to a retail shop locally in Beckenham Kent in 1993.


In the days when independent shops like ourselves flourished we would supply other outlets up and down the country and at the same time still continue with our retail shop and mail order. We still do have have many overseas retail customers and ship worldwide to as far away as Australia! Due to what we specialize in has resulted with us being featured on national TV, Radio and various Newspapers over the years. April 06 for example we had a Japanese TV crew visit us for a documentary on Animation products & Naruto! (See pics at bottom of the page).


As well as Video Games we also sell DVD, with Animation titles proving popular. When DVD first took off late 90's we had a separate company running from this address specialising in all DVD products.

We do part exchange on certain software & hardware and are interested in anything you might want to part with. We tend to specialize in some of the so called 'retro' machines that we started off selling in our early days. We still pride ourselves in acquiring releases from Japan & the states.


We have a great range of desirables not found easy elsewhere from these regions, check our Miscellaneous page here to see.

If you like Original Arcade games we still manufacture the excellent SuperGun which allows you to play original Jamma arcade PCB's in the luxury of your own home, we sell the arcade PCB's as well as various stand ups. Check out our SuperGun page for a full list of all the PCB's we have in stock and you can also take a look in the PCB pics section for screenshots of many PCB's we've had in over the years.


And if you are a fan of the classic PC Engine console from NEC your in the right place as we are one of the few companies still specializing in this cult machine and have one of the largest stock lists worldwide, all the rare titles turn up regularly from Japan.

2006 and the change in the market sees online shopping take off on a major scale, online shopping can now be made here www.ravenonline.co.uk . We also have other various online outlets where we sell our products online.

Into 2008 and we are still located at the same address with mail order & online shopping now being our major outlets. Our retail shop has been upgraded to suit the online climate, so we have gone a full round circle concentrating on mail order again as we did in our early days! Personal collections of all the products we sell mail order are still welcome from us here with most major releases on all major formats still being stocked.



Raven in 2008



A Japanese TV crew visits Raven Games April 10th 2006


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