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PC Engine LT

The LT is a lap top PC Engine. About the same size as a normal Engine, the LT has a fold down 4 inch LCD screen. The quality of the screen is superbly detailed and sharp. It also has a built in TV tuner (which worked in Japan only) and an AV port so you can plug in an external source such as a DVD player or even your Sony PlayStation .


The only drawback is the price, these were very expensive in Japan when released and even more expensive now, but this is without doubt the most impressive and the rarest  PC Engine ever. 

Turbo Grafx 16
Turbo Grafx 16

The Turbo Graphx 16 is the US version of the standard PC Engine. It was released in 1990 and was not a great success.

This was due to 3 main factors.


1. The Sega and Nintendo machines at that time were the market leaders and there was no way for NEC to break their stronghold.

2. The design of the machine was not popular.

NEC re- designed the machine for the American market, they

assumed the Americans would not want the small looking Japanese style machine. 

3. The library of card titles released was small compared with Japan.

Turbo Grafx 16


Turbo Grafx 16 CD Rom Turbo Grafx 16 CD Rom + Interface Unit

CD Rom

CD Rom and Interface

A CD Rom and interface were also released in the states for this unit. 

Cd games worked  from Japan on the Usa system as long as you had the correct system card.

You needed a games converter to run Japanese Hu cards on a Turbo Grafx 16 though. 

A Pal European version of the Turbo Grafx 16 was also released. The PAL unit was the same as the TG-16, but for the colour which was a light grey compared to the TurboGrafx's black. It played the same games as the TG-16, used the same controllers and had the same expansion port. No one in Europe seems to recall this unit ever being on sale though, and it could be that it was only released in Spain ?, though the manual is multi-language, more possible is that it never actually got officially released at all !




The Pal version of the Turbo Grafx 16

Their was also another version. . . While the PC Engine was sold in Korea by Daewoo (whether officially or grey-market ?), another company was bringing in TurboGrafx-16 systems and selling them as the 'Vistar'. It's not known if this was an official release, however it was the same hardware as the TG-16, the same PCB was used, though the rear expansion connector was removed, and two additional sub PCBs were added for A/V output, and as you can see slight difference in looks. As for the games, take Keith Courage for example, the manual was completely translated into Korean !


The Vistar version of the Turbo Grafx 16

Click here for more pictures of the Vista

Also take a look at another rare and unusual Pc Engine from Japan, the 'Laser Active' Pc Engine.


The LaserActive LD Pc Engine

Click here for more pictures of the Laser Active



The PC FX was the last machine NEC released and it was a flop. Most PC Engine fanatics distanced themselves from this piece of hardware. The machine looked more like a PC tower than the classic look of the other PC Engines.

Most of the software released was either Japanese text RPG's or comic style adult games. Despite over 140 games being released, no-one in the UK imported more than 5 or 6 software titles for this machine. Forget games like PC Kid or Gunhed as there was nothing like these on this machine.


Angelique Special

Team Innocent

Tenchi Muyo
Angelique Special Team Innocent Tenchi Muyo


Pc Engine Prototypes

Below are some Pc Engine Prototypes that never made it to the final retail stage. Scans are taken

from the below Japanese magazine.



Their have been many official and 3rd party accessories released for the PC Engine range of machines. Apart from the common items like auto fire joypads, 6 player joypads & 5 player taps there's been some unusual items like a magnifier for the GT, a printer, a photo reader, back up ram cards, and even a Sharp TV with a built in Pc engine! Also if you had a Super Grafx, an adapter was made so you could plug your Super Grafx into the CD Rom and interface. And of course as mentioned earlier more powerful system cards were released which were required for the later CD Rom games.


Infa Red Joypad Turbo Grafx Joystick 6 Button Joypad
Vibrating Cushion Games Converter Link cable for GT Handheld


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