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 ABOUT THE SUPERGUN . . .                           

The SuperGun is a machine we have been manufacturing for over 16 years at Raven Games that allows you to play Jamma arcade PCB's in the luxury of your own home without the need of a big bulky standup arcade machine.


We have never come across another Supergun (including even Superguns from Japan) that perform as well as ours. If you want a Supergun that runs EVERY original Jamma pcb, Neo Geo & Atomiswave ready, best picture quality possible and most important is 100% reliable then look no further.


The SuperGun is a small box the size of a Sony Playstation 1 and as long as you have a TV or monitor that has a scart socket (Euro connector) all you do is plug the machine via the scart lead included into the TV or monitor like a normal games console, then plug the PCB's into the SuperGun and turn on, it's as simple as that !


Due to its high quality our machine has been previewed on national TV in the U.K and reviewed in an early edition of The Edge magazine. The picture below is our latest model and has many upgrades over our older model like a built in speaker, headphone socket and RGB switches which all now come as standard (see the new below specs).


                Click here to see more pictures of the machine from different angles etc.



Click Above Pic To Enlarge - This is our 2006 version SuperGun


Fully compatible with ALL original Jamma Pcb's
Compatible with Neo Geo MVS games for four button upward use (Neo Motherboard is needed)
Test, service & game select buttons (which are needed for Neo Geo Mvs carts etc.)
Fully Compatible with Sammy's Atomiswave system for 5 button use
Quick connect harness is included to wire up to six button games like Street fighter 2 etc.
Built in speaker so the sound comes from the SuperGun itself (this can also be switched off)
Headphone output socket on rear (you can also connect to an Amp etc. from here)
One and two player push start buttons
Three RGB control switches on the rear of the SuperGun (adjusts red, green and blue levels)
Two joystick / pad ports as standard
Credit switch button
High quality arcade power supply. * Solid picture no wavy lines (EC approved)
Six button joypad now comes as standard
90 day warrantee
* New 2006 version has a stronger & better encapsulated Jamma loom


Various joysticks & leads can be made to order. SuperGun is RGB scart only (Scart lead included is internal).

We also offer a full back up service


Click here for FAQ concerning the SuperGun & Arcade Pcb's









SuperGun : inc a 6 button joypad & 6 button loom

29.99 6 button joypad (different version from above pic) 
79.99  6 button twin 1 & 2 player arcade joystick Click here
12.99 6 button loom
14.99 Extension cable for controllers
25.00 Conversion of a joypad for use on our SuperGun
39.99 Conversion of a joystick for use on our SuperGun





10.00 U.K SuperGun Machine
28.00 EU SuperGun Machine
37.00 USA SuperGun Machine




If you wish to add more items to above machines like Pcb's Joysticks etc. UK postage is still the

 same 10.00, but Europe & USA will be slightly more expensive due to weight, contact us

for more details on overseas shipping.


All prices above are for a next day insured service in the U.K. Europe takes 4 to 5 days,

USA approx 7 days. All are fully insured.




This is one of our old model SuperGun machine with added Rgb switches on the front, finished in matt black

click to enlarge

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